Musical awareness

What will you discover in this class of early childhood music?

La Clé de Marisol was born from the intention to provide, especially in the first stage of development, from zero to six years old, an environment where children can explore in a safe space and be respectful of their personal pace, absorb and enjoy music through play, movement, and sounds.

In order to focus exclusively on music, the songs will be mostly without lyrics, accompanied only by some small percussion instruments. The objective of the manipulative material used in this class will be to inspire the child to experiment through imagination, spontaneity, and creativity by the music.

During this class, you and your child will not only share a closer bond, but also will be the starting seed to a music path.

What’s your role as a parent or main caregiver?

I will guide the session; however, your active participation as companions is essential for his stimulation and safety. Your singing voice will be very valuable in this class. If the thought of not having a very good singing level has crossed your mind, please do not worry about it. What your child perceives through your singing and body movement will provide a great connection with him.

Starting at four years old, children can already attend the class without an adult.